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"Your trials have just begun, warrior. Collect the Tarkeen key to move on."
Turok: Evolution

Into the Jungle is the first level of Chapter 1 of Turok: Evolution. This level serves only as a training level, and the player only encounters a few species such as the Compsognathus, Stegosaurus, and the Sleg.


Upon starting, the player will be dropped into a rather foliated area, with rocky cliffs carving out a path for them to follow. As they move forward, three Compsognathus will charge at the player. Given that currently, the only weapons they will possess at this point are the War Club and Bow, it would be best to use the blunt melee weapon to quickly dispatch the few dinosaurs in front of them.

It is up ahead that the player will be subject to their first Sleg encounter; luckily, with his back to the player. The Bow can be used here for a quick, easy headshot, or the player can attempt to rush the humanoid with the Club, although the latter is arguably more risky.

Once the enemy is dealt with, the player will be pushed into a clearing, one that is teeming with life. Here, the player has the option to look around and get accustomed to the game's controls, or they can look towards the main rock structure, which not only has a new variant of Sleg, but also has the player's objective: the Tarkeen Key, which will be dropped upon the player killing the Sleg.

Scaling the rock face is relatively easy and simply requires the player to platform their way upwards. At the halfway mark, the player can jump to the lone rock pillar and nab the key, or they can travel right to the top and grab the Pistol in one go.

Once the player has done either or, they can jump down into the lake below to avoid fall damage. However, now that the player's grabbed the key, the danger within the immediate area has increased, as Sleg spawns are now active and are based on proximity between them and the player. Three will spawn near the bone door, where the player needs to go, and a nearly unknown fourth will actually spawn near the back of the map, by the rocky structure; however, he can be bypassed without a problem.

An easy way to deal with these Sleg troops is to get each one to spawn one at a time and then lure them out into the open, where the player can use ranged weaponry to easily shoot them down without the risk of them diving into cover. If they do get into cover, however, an easy way for the player to circumvent this is to rush them, wildly waving the War Club, as it takes only one well placed hit to decapitate one, to end the threat.

Once the Sleg threat is dealt with, the player can then regain ammo and health, presumably from pickups left by deceased enemies, or from map pickups, and then head through the exit, ending the first level.

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  • This is the only level other than the "Zoo" cheat level to include a Triceratops and the Paleotherium grazing near the level's end.
  • This is also one of the only levels to contain a Stegosaurus besides "Shadowed Lands" and the Zoo.
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