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Infiltration is the first level of Chapter 4 of Turok: Evolution. This level focuses on Tal'Set sneaking into the Sleg Fortress and making his way through it.


A Sneaky EntranceEdit

This chapter signals the start of a whole new change of environment. It swaps the lush jungles for the cold and grimy Sleg Fortress. This mission starts with the player in front of the Sleg base with a door in front of them. This door is inaccessible, but there are a few routes that can be used to enter. However, the player will need to take out the guard towers. Doing so correctly will keep the player undetected. First the player must kill the Sleg Workers in the tower and then take out the light. Doing the opposite will result in the base going into lockdown.

There are two ways to enter the base. One is to go to the right path and go into an underground tunnel which will lead into the base. The other option is to climb the large tree to the left. When climbing the tree, be sure to eliminate all of the watchtower Sleg. Failure to do so will eventually lead to the player being spotted and will send the base into lockdown. Use the Tek Bow to eliminate all of the Sleg patrolling the area. No matter where they are killed, the other Sleg will not spot the player as long as they do not go into their line of sight.

The Main CompoundEdit

Once they have been eliminated, enter the base and stock up on ammo before going to the large metal door. Press the button, and the door will slowly open. Quickly go to the right and duck behind the crates. The player will hear gunfire but should not panic, as it is just a few Sleg opening fire on some dead bodies. This area of the compound can either be rushed through or explored thoroughly. The fast route would be to kill the Sleg on the left of the path while rushing to the leftmost door before pressing the button and running through.

Exploring the compound, however, can yield some promising rewards. All throughout the base are weapons, ammo, and health packs if needed. There are also many Sleg patrols located in the area, and they will easily be able to spot the player in the open terrain. Try to take the towers out first before scouting the area. There will usually be a scout of two or more Slegs active at any given time; however, they will be spread apart from each other, and they will also only stick to the scripted paths given to them.

Silent NightEdit

The player should use this to their advantage and evade the Slegs' eyes by sticking to the bushes and killing them with the War Club or Bow when they get too close for comfort. There are a few important areas in the massive compound. There is an area filled with ammo and other pickups, and then there is the execution block which holds the Flechette Gun. Going to both areas would be a sound plan; however, there is no tried and true method for getting to either as the Sleg spawn is randomized and there are searchlights scattered throughout the area. It would be best to hug the walls of the encampment and only kill when it is needed so as not to attract attention. Once the player is ready, just leave through the leftmost bulkhead door by pressing the button next to it.

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