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Hunter's Peril
Turok Evolution Lv.1


Turok: Evolution




Jungalus Vulgarimicus

"You must make your way to the top of the jungle cliffs and locate the allied pilot that awaits you. Eliminate any Sleg patrols you encounter in the jungle."
Turok: Evolution

Hunter's Peril is the third level of Chapter 1 of Turok: Evolution. This level focuses on Tal'Set reaching the top of the cliffs in order to reach his allied pilot who will transport him to Tarkeen.

Some new enemies appear in this level including the Crocodiles and the red armored Grenadiers.


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  • In game, the player is attacked by Baboons shortly after retrieving the Tarkeen Key; however, the creatures in question were originally meant to be wolves, as seen in some pre-release screenshots.
Campaign Levels of Turok: Evolution
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Chapter 15 Vengeance

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