The Jungle

Hub Ruins


Turok: Dinosaur Hunter








Search for the level two and three keys, find the Hub Ruins, and activate the portals.


Hub Ruins is the first level of Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.

Description Edit

The Hub Ruins are located on sacred grounds that are littered with ancient structures such as statues, pillars, and buildings, but the jungle is what covers most of the land. There are a variety of plants sprouting throughout the area, such as enormous trees with large vines hanging from them, tropical trees, shrubs with a variety of textures, and palm trees. Lakes of lava and water are also present in these environs.

The Hub Ruins are connected via a series of caves that give access to other areas of the ruins. Some of the caves are filled with a variety of hostile beings such as Leapers and Giant Beetles.

Further into the ruins is a deserted area where the atmosphere changes dramatically, and the sky turns pitch black. It is notable that vegetation does not abound here other than small dried plants like trees and shrubs. This area is home to a massive labyrinth composed of large pillars.

The last section of the Hub Ruins is within a dark valley that is connected to the rest of the level by a large bridge. The area itself is covered by large hanging vines and other types of vegetation. On the other side of the bridge are the Hub Ruins proper. These ruins are composed of large stone arches placed in the middle of the valley. This ancient place serves as gateways to other areas of the Lost Land, but keys are needed for it to function.


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