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"Gunners are yet another class of Pur-Linn. They function mainly as snipers (they do not run around much), and are armed with huge, rock-throwing gattling guns. A large basket is worn like a backpack, and contains hundreds of small, baseball-sized rocks. The Pur-Linn fire the weapon by operating a large crank with one hand."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

Gunners are a class of Purr-Linn. They function as either mobile sentries or as snipers and are armed with huge, rock-throwing gatling guns.


Gunners are Purr-Linn War Clubs that appear to be shorter that their brethren. They have small heads, a pair of glowing red eyes, and a mouth displaying large fangs. Their arms and feet show large muscles, and they have small nails on their fingers and toes. Their skin coloration varies from brown to green. They wear a large basket like a backpack. This basket contains hundreds of small rocks, each about the size of a baseball. The Gunners fire the weapon by operating a large crank with one hand.


One of the most savage enemies of the game, Gunners can cause a great amount of damage and may cause the death of some players and other enemies if they are caught in the line of fire. What Gunners lack in speed and endurance are made up for in damage. They serve as mobile infantry, stationary guards, and sentinels when placed in high places. They are highly accurate, and it is hard to evade their rock projectiles, especially in enclosed spaces. To effectively combat against Gunners, the player can use long range weaponry such as the Tek Bow and Plasma Rifle. In close combat situations, the player should take cover and use the Shredder with explosive shells. Causing infighting among Gunners and other enemies is optional and does not quite work well but can save the player time and health.

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