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"The Guardians are far larger than the Sentinels. Their stocky build makes their speed and reaction time surprisingly swift, despite the size of their bellies."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

Guardians are Blind Ones far larger than the Sentinels.

Appearance Edit

Blind One Guardians are humanoid beings of large stature. They seem to be overweight, something that causes them to move around slowly even when running. They have a single triangular eye with no signs of a pupil or iris, only the sclera which has a white tone to it. Guardians do not appear to have either a nose or nostrils, and they have no ears, merely ear canals. Their arms and feet have large claws, and they have large tusks. Their skin coloration is a yellowish-green. Parts of their bodies seem to be covered with rough skin.

Their attire consists solely of tattered, brown fur pants.


Guardians are armed with an impressive crossbow-type device that is worn along the full length of their arm. These odd devices fire very large bolts and are reloaded automatically. Due to their heightened senses, they are able to shoot with remarkable accuracy. They can also use it as a blunt weapon.

The Blind One Guardians might be slow both on their feet and with their melee attacks, but what they lack in speed they make up for with firepower. As stated before their physical attacks are extremely slow and easy to avoid, but if the player finds themselves in a enclosed space, the enemy will have the upper hand and can easily attack the player with their crossbows, dealing a great amount of damage. To counter the Guardians in an open area, use the Shotgun or Mag 60 and keep at a distance while strafing from side to side to avoid being hit by their high speed bolts. Some Guardians can summon Fire Worms that can distract the player for a moment, but it is easy to lure them back to the Guardian and cause infighting between the enemies. The player can then take advantage of the chaos and either sneak past or dispatch the winner.

When defending the Energy Totem the player must keep an eye out for Sentinels as they can reach the Totem faster than their slower counterparts. Recommended weapons for this situation are the Flamethrower and Sunfire Pod when close to the main arena and the Plasma Rifle if the player finds themselves on higher ground or at a distance.


Centuries of living deep underground have led to the Blind Ones gaining increased hearing and sense of smell at the expense of their sight.

The Guardians are the largest and strongest of the Blind Ones' society. Like the rest of their kind, they have an insatiable desire for flesh.

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