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Greyhawk Fireseed, also known as The Warslave and Sgt. Turok, was a Turok during World War II. He was the great-grandson of Tal'Set.

He became Turok in 1939 after Redgrave died. Greyhawk was called upon by Tal'Set into his dream-state along with various other Turoks to decide on the fate of the Chronoscepter.


Greyhawk served as a sergeant in the US Armed Forces during the World War II. During his last mission in the war, he obtained lethal radiation poisoning and decided to sacrifice himself when fighting against the Teutonic Knight, a Nazi super-soldier outfitted with the X-O Manowar armor.

In Tales of the Lost Land he appeared in Tal'Set's story to give advice after the latter received a gun from Gilad, a member of the Forever Family, and was terrified of using it, believing it would start an arms race. Greyhawk, having experience in the "most devastating global war in man's history," told Tal'Set to "hold it, aim it, pull the trigger" and that, based on the scientific advancements he knew were coming, the Turoks were already an "army of the walking dead." Using Greyhawk's advice, Tal'Set helped level the playing field between the Turoks and the Amaranthine Accordance, finally achieving technological progress.

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  • While it was not a Turok title, Greyhawk Fireseed's first appearance was in 1997's Operation: Stormbreaker one-shot.

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  • Operation: Stormbreaker (First appearance)
  • Turok: Tales of the Lost Land
  • Turok Online Exclusive Webcomic

Junior Novels

  • Turok: Path of Destruction

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