For the weapon featured in Turok, see ORO FG8 Frag Grenade.

Production overview

Weapon Type:


Ammunition type:


Ammo Capacity:

10 Grenades

Effective range:

3-5 foot blast radius

Service history

First Located:

Mountain Ascent

"Grenades are excellent for use against entrenched enemies. Hit the secondary to activate deadly spikes that will allow the Grenade to stick to walls, ceilings, and enemies. Awesome!"
Turok: Evolution manual[1]

The Grenade is a weapon featured in Turok: Evolution. It makes its first appearance in the Chapter 3 level "Mountain Ascent." It appears to have a timer of three seconds and can be cooked to be thrown farther.


The Grenade is a small, metallic, egg-shaped device that has ten openings, five on the top and five on the bottom, from which small spikes can extend.

There are also red LED indicators that, when pressed, extend the spikes and turn the Grenade into an effective proximity mine, capable of sticking to any surface.


Grenades have an effective blast radius of roughly five feet. When a Sleg soldier is caught in its blast he is launched up into the air, and depending on the type of Sleg, he will either die instantly or will be momentarily knocked onto his back. The player can hold the fire button down to throw the Grenade farther.

The Grenade does have bouncing properties, meaning the player can deflect a Grenade off of a wall or off the ceiling into a cluster of enemies. 

The Spiked Mine function allows the player to stick Grenades to walls and ceilings to make an explosive trap for any Sleg in the area. The Mine function has the exact same blast radius as the standard grenade function, and it is stationary so the player will need to either lead Sleg troops into it or place it along their patrol routes. The Grenades can also "stick" to enemies if desired, and they will detonate after a few seconds.

The player should note that the Grenade's blast radius has no effect when thrown into any body of water. This means that a Grenade near a water-dwelling enemy will not harm them unless it is thrown and makes direct contact with their body mass.


  • Grenades: Gives the player three Grenades.


  • The Grenade might have originally had a manual detonator for the secondary function since a render shows a detonator right next to the two Grenade types.

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  1. Dickson, Bill (September 2, 2002). "Weapons (FPS Mode)". Turok: Evolution manual. United States: Acclaim Entertainment. p. 11.
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