Gravity Disruptor
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Gravity Modifier

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Short-Long Range

Secondary Function:

Antimatter Beam

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The Gravity Disruptor is a weapon that makes its first and only appearance in Turok: Evolution. It is a weapon that fires a beam of antimatter that is able to ensnare enemies and bend them to the player's will. It is first found in the Chapter 5 level "Escape."


This weapon is an elongated, silver-tinted weapon with dual prongs at the end of the barrel which channels the antimatter required to power the weapon.

There are multiple blue channeled tubes running up and down the weapon's barrel, seemingly flowing with the matter. They also wrap around the barrel of antimatter, coating it in a blue light.


This weapon is very useful in the crowded levels of Chapter 5. It should be operated as a crowd-clearer more than a true killing weapon; this is due to its low damage per hit and the vast amount of energy used to operate it.

This weapon is able to be used only 15 times in its projectile function while the other functions provide the player with a shorter lifespan.


In its primary function, the weapon fires a sudden wave of antimatter. Its secondary function is activated by holding down the fire button; the weapon is held up to the head while it creates a ring of energy around the player. When its third function is activated, it fires a transparent beam that can grab an individual enemy within close proximity.

  • Function 1: This firing mode acts as a "projectile." When the trigger is pressed, the Disruptor shoots a beam of antimatter at the designated target. This will propel the enemy backwards at high speeds. Depending on the distance, this will either result in an explosive death or a simple stun effect.
  • Function 2: This firing mode allows the Disruptor to create a ring of energy around the player. When the trigger is released, the ring of energy shoots outwards, which catapults every enemy in the immediate vicinity away from the player.
  • Function 3: This function acts as a "tractor beam." It allows the player to grab one enemy in a vortex of antimatter while obtaining full control over the body. This allows the player to slam the enemy into walls, explosives, and even other enemies.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon (Gravity Disruptor): Restocks 50 antimatter units.
  • Anti-Matter Cell: Restocks 75 antimatter units.


  • Antimatter is an actual substance in reality. It is composed of antiparticles. Antiparticles have the same mass as the normal matter and particles but hold an opposite charge, hence antimatter.
  • This is the only weapon that is unable to be used in multiplayer. This is due to balancing reasons.

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