Giant Dragonfly
Dragonfly render


The Lost Land


Large in appearance, green coloration.


Giant Dragonflies are abnormally large dragonflies that appear in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. They are usually found near lava.


These dragonflies appear to be exactly like modern day dragonflies; however, they are way larger and green in coloration. They have large, yellowish eyes and massive wings.


Giant Dragonflies, while individually weak, are usually found in numbers, and together they can take large amounts of health from the player. Caution must be taken with Giant Dragonflies near cliffs since the player cannot attack until they are back on flat ground. The Knife is recommended against these enemies as they move too fast to accurately hit with projectile weapons.

In the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Giant Dragonflies are of no greater threat to the player and can easily be killed with a single slash of the Knife. However, the player must be warned that a pack of Giant Dragonflies will tear through their life meter in seconds.

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