Mother Superior

Ghost in the Shadow
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Joseph Turok




Jungle and MG Outpost


The player must travel though the jungle and slay the Lurkers and MG troops that await them. Find Cowboy and regroup with Whiskey afterwards.

"What can I say, Grimes? Times have changed."
—Joseph Turok to Grimes upon the latter's interrogation of him

Ghost in the Shadow is the fifth level in Turok. It mainly focuses on Joseph Turok searching for the communications unit and then rescuing Cowboy.


Objective: Find Comm Unit.

The player starts this level out in the evening, presumably a few hours after "Reunions." They are dropped into a relatively cliffy and rocky area. They should hug the left cliff wall, as in the depression below will be multiple Lurkers who hide on walls and trees to avoid the player's vision and ambush them.

In this case, using the ORO C9 Perforator Bow to snipe the Lurkers off of their hiding positions would be a recommended tactic, as a single, fully drawn arrow can kill a Lurker instantly with a headshot. The player can rinse and repeat this tactic, as Lurkers will crawl back up trees when they feel as if they are out of danger. In the initial miniature valley, there will be around four or five Lurkers for the player to contend with. All will hang around the same area of map geography, which is the small opening leading to the destroyed camp.

If the player wishes to go back, or venture around the area, and scout the area for ammo or weaponry, they must beware of Lurkers, as they can occasionally hide in shrubbery and attack the player once they come closer or pick up an item or weapon. Once the player has killed all of the Lurkers and traveled to the camp, Turok will report to Whiskey Company about his discovery, to no response. The player must walk up a slight incline and drop down to reach a new area.

Objective: Find Comm Unit.

This area must be traveled through cautiously, as the player is essentially at the mercy of the multiple Lurkers and Mini-Raptors who stalk around the area. In a worse twist, the ground is covered in a tall grass, making detection of the saurian enemies even harder for the player. For this, the best course of action would be to use the C9 Bow and simply headshot the Lurkers. Advancing slowly and fully drawing back the arrow would help the player in this situation. Around this area are a few Parasaurolophus, which can easily be a distraction and even harmful on higher difficulties, meaning scaring them is a bad idea.

Once all the threats have been eliminated, the player should move forward, before being greeted by a sudden cutscene, with John Grimes putting his ORO P23 Combat Knife to Turok's throat. He inquires about Turok's absence and says how the "boys," referring to Wolf Pack, are feeling rejected. Turok states that times have changed, and Grimes states that Joseph will always be one of them before simply saying "Think about it" and vanishing as quickly as he appeared.

Upon moving up ahead, the player will be subject to a closed in, canyon-like Utahraptor nest. Using the ORO L66 Pulse Rifle, ORO Enforcer Shotgun, or even a trio of ORO FG8 Frag Grenades would be the player's best bet for survival, as the Utahraptors are fast and can tear the player down in close quarters. The area is not relatively large and only takes a maximum of seven or so seconds to run through, but it can be dangerous if the player is caught by Utahraptors.

Leaving the nest will leave the player in a new area and will also grant the audio cue of gunshots coming from nearby. Upon traveling forwards, Turok finally finds Cowboy, who is under fire from multiple MG Elites and a few MG Grunts. Upon defeating them, Turok radios Slade, telling him that he has found Cowboy. Slade tells Turok to get him back to an area for evacuation, to which the latter silently agrees.

Objective: Reach the rendezvous point with Cowboy.

As the player ventures forward, a Dilophosaurus suddenly bursts into the fray, knocking down and killing a stray Elite. For the purposes of helpfulness and entertainment, it would be best for the player to let the Dilophosaurus kill and maim enemies as much as it can, before either succumbing to weapons fire or killing them all. Then the player can pick off the winners.

Past this point, the player is tasked with clearing out a small backwoods outpost. For this area, the player should first utilize the C9 Bow again and take out the enemies manning the Mounted Turrets, as they can tear through the player easily, especially on Inhuman difficulty. MG Helicopters will come in twice to drop off two to three MG Soldiers; however, a well timed grenade can drop them easily. By default, there will also be three Soldiers already in the base.

Once the player has completed this objective, they need to rendezvous with Cowboy, who is nearby, causing a cutscene to start. It shows Cowboy getting impaled by a sudden arrow strike, causing him to fall back in pain. Turok hangs over him to help, and Whiskey Company arrives shortly after, with Slade immediately accusing Turok of shooting him. Turok retaliates by saying that it is not one of his arrows, to which Slade tells him it "had to have been one of those other Indians running around", in a racist manner.

Parker speaks up, telling Whiskey that they need to get Cowboy back to camp, or he will not survive. Gonzales states that without the Communications Unit, they are not going anywhere. Foster speaks about the same matter, which angers Logan and results in Foster, Turok, and Gonzales getting the job of retrieving it. As they disband, a subtle stalker fades back into the trees, watching them.

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