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Genn is a character from Turok: Evolution. She appears in missions where Tal'Set flies a Quetzalcoatlus.


Turok: EvolutionEdit

Genn is the first person Tal'Set meets in the jungles. She is seen guarding the Quetzalcoatlus landing zone, and she swiftly takes Tal'Set over the jungles on the Quetzalcoatlus. She leads Tal'Set to a riverside Sleg base, a minefield, and eventually a massive temple where they both assist in taking down a massive Sleg Airship. She then leaves when Tal'Set goes to Tarkeen's refuge.

Genn is not seen again until Chapter 6 where she saves Tal'Set from falling to his death by catching him with a Quetzalcoatlus. She then leads Tal'Set through caves and canyons until they reach a massive Sleg fortress which they are tasked with destroying. Afterwards, Tal'Set crashes while Genn makes another escape. Genn is finally seen again in the eleventh and twelfth chapters of Evolution. Here, she guides Tal'Set through the Suspended City as it crumbles, and she also leads him through a massive labyrinth of caves to get to the massive Sleg Juggernaut war machine.

Genn's final appearance is right after the Juggernaut falls. She helps Tal'Set finally destroy the Juggernaut's command center. After that, they head over and protect Galyanna from a ground and sea assault before finally halting Tyrannus' forces.

List of appearancesEdit

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