Freeze Gun
Turok Rage Wars Arsenal - Freeze Gun
Production overview




Energy weapon

Ammunition type:

Energy rounds

Secondary Function:

Nitrogen Frost

Unlocked By:

Completing "Crossroads" as Guardian

2nd Function Unlocked By:

Completing "Wicked Dance" as Juggernaut

Service history

In service:

In use




The Freeze Gun is a weapon featured in Turok: Rage Wars.


(To be expanded upon)


This is a very effective stun weapon with a bonus: its primary mode slows an enemy's movement, causing five points of health damage per hit. The shots can bounce off of walls similar to the Shredder but less powerful.

Its true and most useful function is the secondary mode, as it fires a sticky substance of liquid nitrogen that, upon contact, freezes an enemy completely, allowing the player to deal a final blow using any other weapon. It is a favorable tactic for players, who can use it as a wall-mounted mine and then lie in wait for their adversaries.

List of appearancesEdit

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