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Folding Eye


Teleportation device and universe viewer




The Folding Eye is a round eyepiece made of smooth, black stone. It allows any Turok to see spatial rifts—invisible holes in space—and turn those holes into doorways that open up a passageway to the Lost Land.


The Folding Eye appears as a small, dense, black-colored lens no bigger than the size of the palm of a person's hand. It has a slight glow to it, and it also has a slight shine to it.


The Folding Eye allows Turok to see spatial openings which lead to the Netherscape. A Turok can then use these openings to open a gateway which will allow him to travel between the Earth and the Lost Land at will.

Traveling in a fold opening is described as the same as being on an acid trip. The journey is short and, sometimes, almost instant.

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