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Flesh Eaters
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Flesh Eaters

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The Flesh Eaters, also known as Oblivion Spawn, are a race of grizzly, terrifying creatures that have inhabited the Lost Land since its creation.

The sole purpose of their existence is to create as much chaos and destruction as possible. They also deal in weapons research and slavery.



The Flesh Portals look exactly like the portals to the Talisman Chambers.

Strong, towering and muscular, the Flesh Eaters are a formidable enemy.

While they have an unlimited supply of weapons and technology, they prefer to rip the flesh off their victims with their bare hands and teeth.

Their intellect is matched only by their knowledge of the arcane. While technologically advanced in every way, they still rely on ancient magical knowledge passed down from the Flesh Mother herself generation after generation, which in turn makes them even stronger and far more threatening.

Role in the StorylineEdit


During Seeds of Evil, not much is known or revealed about their origins. The Turok novels, however, expand on this and it is discovered that the Flesh Eaters have existed for as long as the Lost Land has been around.

Their lust for flesh and warm blood has lead these creatures to commit countless genocides across the Lost Land, leading to the extinction of hundreds of species of wildlife as well as the death of millions of innocents.

Turok 2: Seeds of EvilEdit

The Flesh Eaters first appear in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, where they assist the Primagen's plot by setting up
Turok 2 soe oblivion portals by joshua fireseed-d6xusgq

Maps of the six Flesh Portals.

fake portals in an effort to lead Joshua Fireseed into a trap. These portals are perfect copies of the Talisman Chambers, but upon entering Turok is teleported into the depths of their mountain fortress, or at least an area resembling it, with numerous Flesh Eaters waiting to face and kill him.

When Turok enters the first Flesh Portal, a disembodied voice calls out to him: 

"See this, human. Powers beyond the comprehension of flesh have been set in motion. The Primagen must not be stopped. The totems must fall. The balance must falter. Chaos must commence. We are the darkness. We are the unseen. We are Oblivion. That which has been set in motion cannot be stopped. Your deeds, your lives, your very existence falls under the great shadow of Oblivion. Your failure is inevitable."

The voice mocks Turok and his struggle, bellowing the importance of Primagen's success to its cause. It describes itself and the Flesh Eaters as a whole as Oblivion.

It taunts Turok again in the final portal:

"Your efforts are meaningless. The death is built around you. Through all your efforts the totems will fall. Your victories, your failures, order and chaos, they all fuel the unquenchable fire of Oblivion. Accept the inevitable. It is inevitable."

It is heard one last time after the credits roll, once more saying, "It is inevitable," revealing that Oblivion is still at hand, setting the stage for Turok 3's story.

Turok 3: Shadow of OblivionEdit

The story is now focused on Oblivion and its mission to wipe out the last members of the Turok lineage. Joshua is troubled by nightmares involving a child trapped inside a prison cell, waiting to be killed by Oblivion.

In the beginning of Turok 3, Sentinels infiltrate the Fireseed residence through temporal portals and attempt to kill the current Turok, Joshua. He is outnumbered and stops the Spawn from killing his family members, Joseph and Danielle Fireseed, by sacrificing himself with a bomb, killing both himself and the intruders.

Later, after a long journey, Danielle and Joseph learn of Oblivion's origins and how the Flesh Eaters are connected to it, but little to no clues are given to the identity of the kid in Joshua's nightmares or how the kid is connected to Oblivion.

After fighting through Oblivion's headquarters, they finally come across a kid, but it is revealed that he was merely a trap meant to lure the siblings to their doom. Oblivion finally reveals its true form but is defeated at the hands of Danielle and Joseph.

In the end, an Oblivion-infested Joshua tries to deceive them once more but is ultimately defeated, and the remnants of Oblivion are eradicated using the energy within the Light Burden.

Military OrganizationEdit


  • Flesh Mother: Mother of all Flesh Eaters, she will prove to be a dangerous adversary.
  • Oblivion: Leader of all of its Spawn, relic of an old universe that no longer exists. Cosmic horror incarnate.

List of AppearancesEdit

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