Flechette Gun
Production overview



Ammunition type:

Flechette Rounds and Minigun Rounds

Ammo Capacity:

100 (Flechettes)
200 (Minigun Rounds)


Short-Medium Range

Secondary Function:


Service history



First Located:



The Flechette Gun is a weapon that is exclusive to Turok: Evolution. Its first appearance is at the start of Chapter 4, "Infiltration," where the player has to infiltrate the Sleg Fortress.

As the name suggests, it fires tiny flechette darts and can be upgraded to a Minigun once the player finds the upgrade.


The Flechette Gun is a black and gray short-barreled, box-shaped rifle. It possesses a gripping handle in the back of its build in the same manner that the Rocket Launcher does. It also has a black metal sheet on the bottom of the gun to hold the Minigun barrels.

Its primary function uses compressed air to fire flechette darts at subsonic speeds, allowing the player to make silent kills.


The Flechette Gun is the perfect go-to weapon for stealth. It is silent in its primary form and can also be fired underwater for sneak attacks against Sleg troops. The darts are very effective for performing headshots, easily killing even the largest Slegs in approximately four to five shots.

It is able to hold 100 darts as ammo, is very accurate, and possesses a very fast rate of fire. This weapon is generally meant to take down smaller Sleg targets and is not very effective against larger Sleg like the Purrlin.

Minigun BarrelsEdit

The first and only attachment that the player can obtain for this weapon is the Minigun barrels. This adds three six-barreled minigun barrels onto the end of the Flechette Gun. These cause massive damage to all enemy types while also burning through ammo faster than the Flamethrower. Ammo for this attachment is most common during Chapters 5 (Sleg Fortress), 6 (Shadowed Lands), and 8 through 10 (Suspended City).

This attachment is effective against both Purrlin and Sleg warships as the high damage and very high rate of fire can inflict as much damage as a rocket over time. The player can mow down many Sleg soldiers with this weapon, assuming they have the ammo for it.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon (Flechette Gun): Restocks 40 flechette darts.
  • Flechette Ammo: Restocks 35 flechette darts.
  • Mini-Gun Barrels: Restocks 20 minigun rounds. Once upgraded, the player cannot pick up this attachment again.
  • Mini-Gun Rounds: Restocks 50 minigun rounds.


  • This is the only weapon in Turok: Evolution capable of being fired underwater.

List of appearancesEdit

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