For the non-lethal firearm from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil, see Flare.
Flare Gun
Turok Rage Wars Arsenal - Flare Gun
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Violet flare


The Flare Gun, also known as the Radioactive Flare, is a weapon featured in Turok: Rage Wars.


The Flare Gun resembles a large, handheld vacuum cleaner with a pistol grip. The main portion of the gun appears to be made of a tan-colored metal, with gray accents on the "barrel" and elsewhere. There is a vent-like opening on each side, and an upside-down radioactive trefoil symbol adorns each vent.


Its primary function is similar to the Flare Gun in Seeds of Evil, only now the small illuminatory ball of energy can harm other players. The secondary function allows the Flare Gun to fire a larger, purple ball of energy which can instantly kill anyone too close to it. This purple ball of energy also lasts longer than the regular green flare.


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