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Mothergod, born Erica Pierce, is a fictional character from the Valiant Comics universe. She was exposed to the same energies that turned Phil Seleski into Solar, and she gained the same energy and matter manipulation powers. Driven mad by the destruction and imperfect recreation of the universe, Mothergod sought to repair reality by erasing everything and starting again with the time streams aligned, leading to the events of the world-shaking Unity crossover.


Erica worked as a physicist alongside Phil Seleski at the Edgewater Nuclear Plant at the time of the original near-explosion incident. This same accident gave Phil Seleski his powers and granted Erica powers of her own. Later, when Seleski accidentally destroyed Earth and sent himself back in time, Erica was sucked back with him.

Erica's domestic life was bad and was getting worse, and it culminated with her murdering her husband. While in shock from the killing, the Erica Pierce who had traveled back in time came in and killed the present-day Erica Pierce and took her place.

She took her son and went into hiding until August 5, 4001, when she set Unity into motion. Seleski's trip back in time had tangled up the timeline and Erica saw no way to untangle the mess. She decided to start fresh. She transported herself, her son, and her San Gabriel Citadel into the Lost Land and began constructing Unity Tower, with which she planned to destroy the universe. Her plans were stopped and she was put in a wormhole of non-existence to keep her from doing any more harm. Erica is last seen in the wormhole during the second issue of Unity.

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