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The Energy Grapple is a piece of equipment in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion. It is a small grappling hook used by SWAT officers to rappel down from their gunships, and it is one of Danielle Fireseed's exclusive items.


The Energy Grapple is a wrist-mounted grappling hook. It features a metal exterior, a small nozzle at the tip, and a leather gauntlet for added protection.


The Energy Grapple is an item unique to Danielle Fireseed. It allows the player to reach areas too high for them to climb up to or to get down from high altitudes.

To use, the player must first find small, glowing spheres of energy. Once the player has located one of these spheres, the grapple's crosshair will automatically lock onto it, allowing the player to safely traverse chasms, reach over obstacles, and even survive falls.

Some of these spheres are hidden throughout the chapters, revealing hidden pick-ups/shortcuts.

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