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"Descendants of the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex, the Endtrails are huge, powerfully built bipeds with a thirst for battle and no concept of mercy. Their huge frames and massive strength are more than enough to rip most opponents apart limb from limb."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

Endtrails are a saurian species of strong members of a sub-group of dinosaurs called Dinosoids. This species of Dinosoid evolved naturally through time and are descendants of the Tyrannosaurus rex.

Their skill in combat has granted them high status as the leading force of the Dinosoid Army. As such, they have access to weaponry and technology that their brethren do not.


The creation of the Lost Land aggregated a near-limitless number of species from multiple galaxies and time streams. In this new inter-dimensional sewer of the universe, dinosaur evolution continued unhindered, and over millions of years, evolution granted the Tyrannosaurus rex a new line of descendants: the Endtrails.

Centuries of combat with the Turok lineage have left the Endtrails and their similarly highly-evolved Dinosoid brethren with an intense hatred of Earth and its inhabitants. This blood lust attracted the interests of the Primagen, who agreed to bestow powerful weapons and arcane magics to the Dinosoids if, in return, they pledged their loyalty and assistance to his cause.


The Endtrails are a saurian species with humanoid characteristics and a muscular physique. A special characteristic of the Endtrail is that they have a skull structure that is very similar to that of a Tyrannosaurus, most likely due to the fact that they are its evolutionary descendant. Some Entrails also have strands of what appears to be hair.

Their body is covered with with emerald scales, and they have large orange-red eyes. They have three clawed fingers on each hand, two in the middle and one acting as a thumb, allowing them to manipulate objects. They have feet with two clawed toes and a single dewclaw on the rear of each foot.

Endtrails wield small ion gauntlets, which they will use to attack from afar, and will lob energy grenades to flush out their targets.


When engaging an Endtrail, the player should strafe left and right to avoid the ion gauntlet fire while moving forward. Their grenades can also be easily avoided. The best weapon to take out an Endtrail is the standard Shotgun with buckshot shells; a well-placed shot will quickly dispatch it. If the Endtrail has yet to notice the player, the Tek Bow and/or the Plasma Rifle can make short work of them with a headshot. Getting to close to an Endtrail is very dangerous as the Endtrail will use its claws to tear the player apart. They can even do a leaping roundhouse kick. Endtrails will sometimes brawl with other beasts if provoked.

If damage dealt to an Endtrail upon his death is high enough, there is a possibility that instead of performing a normal death animation, the Endtrail will commit suicide by pressing a few buttons on his gauntlet and triggering a hidden explosive device. The explosion may harm the player if they are too close.

While defending the Energy Totems, the player should switch to explosive shotgun shells, as they will deal more damage and can take out multiple Endtrails at once. Ammo for the Shotgun will spawn around the totem as needed.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster,


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Video Games


  • Turok: The Empty Souls (First appearance)
  • Turok: Child of Blood
  • Turok/Shadowman

Junior Novels

  • Turok: Way of the Warrior
  • Turok: Seeds of Evil novel

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