Turok Rage Wars Arsenal - Emaciator
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Ammunition type:

Energy rounds

Secondary Function:

Charged shot

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The Emaciator is a weapon featured in Turok: Rage Wars.


The Emaciator is a large, three-pronged weapon that uses energy rounds for ammo. The inward-bent, claw-like prongs and their animation are reminiscent of the Nuke from Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.


The Emaciator is unlocked in single-player mode by beating the "Wicked Dance" level in the Campaigner's Trial. Its secondary fire mode is unlocked by beating the same level with the Oblivion Spawn.

In primary mode, the Emaciator rapidly fires small bursts of energy. Each energy burst causes minimal damage, while also causing the titular status effect. Successive hits increase the effect until the seventh hit, which kills the target, regardless of any remaining health.

Using the Emaciator's secondary fire mode releases a slow-moving energy ball that causes massive damage and an emaciating effect upon a successful, direct hit. Splash damage may result from missed shots.

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