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The ESUS Blackfly, or Sticky Bomb Gun, is a hand-held grenade launcher featured in Turok. It shoots a grenade that sticks onto enemies and can be manually detonated shortly afterwards.

The secondary function launches a large group of small explosives onto the ground clumped closely together, so that when something walks over it, the explosives will go off.


The Blackfly resembles a short-barreled, snub-nosed pistol. It is silver and black in coloration, and it has some yellow-colored lights on its magazine. The barrel of the weapon is bulbous and smooth while the weapon's grip and magazine are blocky and chunky. 

Its reloading animation shows the player flipping the top of the Blackfly up while unloading and reloading the block-shaped magazine.


This weapon is first found in "Bad Blood". It is very effective against any being in the game and also holds 15 explosive charges. It is an instant kill against all dinosaurs except for the Dilophosaurus which requires two shots. Any MG soldier is vulnerable to this weapon, no matter the size or class.

This can be used as an easy kill against MG RPG users or MG Heavy Weapons users. Even large bosses, like Mama Scarface, will stumble from this weapon's power. Its secondary function acts as a proximity mine. This can be used for bottle-necking doorways and for quick detonations on enemies.

Alternate Fire: Proximity MineEdit

The secondary function of this weapon is a mine. When activated, a cluster of yellow projectiles will be launched from the weapon and will then land on a surface and adhere themselves to it. They are unable to be moved; however, they can be detonated by a nearby explosion. If any enemy, dinosaur, or MG soldier hits the mine, it will explode, most likely causing death.

One exception to this, however, is the Dilophosaurus, which can take one direct hit with a mine before being killed by another mine or weapons fire. These mines have one major advantage over the primary feature: the ability to detonate on impact. This can be useful to players either for quickly destroying a dinosaur before it can lunge at them or to do the same to an MG soldier. Splash damage is still a factor they will need to look out for, however.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Blackfly: Restores 15 Blackfly Rounds.
  • Sticky Gun Ammo: Restores 10 Blackfly Rounds.



To earn this, the player must kill a Dilophosaurus with the Blackfly during a Co-Op mission. This can be done in "Shadowed Paths" when they reach the dinosaur graveyard shortly before reaching the MG base. It should take two Blackfly shots to kill the Dilophosaur, and the award will pop up shortly after.

List of appearancesEdit

  • Turok (First appearance)
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