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"Better find the coward who dropped this..."
—Joseph Turok, referring to the ESUS Hellfire that Slade uses

ESUS is a weapons manufacturing organization, similar to ORO, that has made a few explosive/incendiary weapons.

Throughout Turok, only Joseph Turok, Slade, Mendel-Gruman Corporation soldiers, and perhaps a few other members of Whiskey Company use their weapons. In comparison to ORO, the amount of weapons manufactured is not as large, nor as wide, in regards to specific types.



The presence of ESUS in Turok's campaign is very minimal. The ESUS Blackfly appears a lot early on, though its presence dwindles in the latter half of the game. The other ESUS weapon, the ESUS Hellfire Flamethrower, appears in only three to four missions during the latter half of the campaign.

Both of these weapons are overshadowed by ORO weapons such as the ORO FP9 SMG and the ORO Enforcer Shotgun.

ORO and ESUSEdit

While these two companies both manufacture weapons, ESUS seems to manufacture explosive and incendiary weapons while ORO tends to veer toward projectile weapons. The weapons of ESUS are also in shorter supply than the weapons of ORO, and they are rarely used by Whiskey Co.

Mendel-Gruman soldiers that are of higher rank and power will use these weapons with frightening efficiency. However, no one, MG or Whiskey, will use the Blackfly, barring Joseph Turok.

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  • Turok (First appearance)
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