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The Dimetrodon (Mech) is a Dimetrodon variant that underwent a surgical procedure in an attempt to create a new breed of Bionosaur. The result was a Dimetrodon outfitted with a pair of compact, mounted machine guns attached to their spines. It can be assumed that the machine guns are controlled by the creature's mind.


Dimetrodon are often mistaken for dinosaurs, but in fact they are mammal-like reptiles that went extinct millions of years before the first dinosaurs existed. Dimetrodon Mechs appear almost no different than their standard forms; however, the one noticeable thing about these particular Dimetrodon is the mounted machine guns on their backs.


With their lethal mouths and powerful mounted machine guns, Dimetrodon Mechs are lethal enemies at both close and ranged distances. The player must be careful when approaching them, as their high rate-of-fire machine guns cause a lot of damage and rarely miss. Strafing is recommended, as is high-damage weaponry like the Auto Shotgun, Minigun, and Grenade Launcher.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Dimetrodon Mech has become one the deadliest enemies in the game. Not only is the Dimetrodon Mech faster on its feet but their machine guns have a higher rate of fire, allowing them to deliver a rain of bullets with deadly accuracy.

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