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"You have done well, but more danger awaits you. Destroy the reptilian scourge and fight your way to the base of the mountain."
Turok: Evolution

Descent is the third and final level of Chapter 3 of Turok: Evolution. This level focuses on Tal'Set going down a mountain path and exiting the mountain range which leads to the Sleg Fortress. This level is notable for introducing the Sleg Ankylosaurus Tank and the Saber-Toothed Cat.


This level takes a dramatic detour from previous levels, instead placing the player in a deep, winding cave system inhabited by Saber-Toothed Cats. This place can easily be disorienting to the player; however, if they wish to quickly shoot through the rocky maze, they can simply hug the wall to the left of the starting point, which leads right out if followed.

Once outside, the player will be subject to Sleg Scouts and Sleg Snipers camped out on rocky cliffs, with Sleg Soldiers attacking outright. As per the level's title, there will be a small descent down a rock face, with squads of Sleg troops attacking the player. It is generally easy to dispatch them, but in a dire situation, the player should utilize the Rocket Launcher for clustered opponents.

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  • The turret in this level has awkward hitboxes, so the open area in the front of the turret where the player can view from will shield them from bullets.
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