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The Demon Lord is a higher class of Demon that appears in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. The Demon Lord wields a torch-like scepter as a weapon that manipulates fire which can be used as a projectile. The Demon Lord will also conjure lightning projectiles and fireball-like forms of magic.


Demon Lords appear similar to the common Demon; however, they have two prominent horns growing out of the sides of their heads. They appear to be covered in green scales. They wear necklaces made of large teeth and spiked shoulder pads fashioned from skulls. They wear brown pants with shin guards.


The Demon Lord can take a lot of damage, and it is difficult to take down with simple weaponry. The attacks of the Demon Lord are exactly the same as the High Priest: flaming skulls fired from the scepter and a homing electricity attack. To take down a Demon Lord it is recommended to use the Pulse Rifle and Grenade Launcher. Explosive Shotgun shells and Tek arrows are also acceptable.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, these Demons are meaner and badder. Like all enemies in the game, they are able to react faster to an approaching player, they are faster, and attack faster. They function exactly as the High Priests do. Something to be noted is that this enemy cannot use the teleportation spells of the High Priest.

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