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The Lost Land


Glowing red eyes

"Terrifying and evil denizens of the Lost Land, they are more deadly than humans, and able to take more punishment. They can attack with hand-held weapons, or fire blasts of energy from their hands."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

Demons are humanoid beings that inhabit the more arid environs of the Lost Land.


The Demons' appearance is complex. Demons have a humanoid form and are tall and muscular. They have only nostrils where their noses should be and possess a pair of glowing red eyes. Their heads are skull-like in appearance and are covered in small, dark green protrusions. Their skin is green and rough and is able to withstand a large amount of damage. The Demons' hands are peculiar in that they have only a thumb and a pair of fingers.

Demons use equipment made of raw materials such as bone, metal, and other similar components. Their chests are protected by a skeletal, rib-like covering. Their shoulders are protected with shoulder pads made out of skulls, and their arms are protected by wrist guards. Their lower body is protected by sparse armor on their thighs but also bulky boots and shin guards, all of which appear to be made of metal.


Demons function similarly to the game's human enemies, though they are more powerful than their human counterparts. Some Demons will use melee attacks with either one-handed weapons or double-sided glaives. Other Demons will use, instead of firearms, energy blasts that they fire from their hands. The player should be careful when confronting a group of Demons, as they can deal damage quickly. Unarmed, energy-firing Demons can also unleash one final salvo upon their death, catching unprepared players off guard. Tek arrows or the Auto Shotgun are both excellent for quick Demon disposal, but the Particle Accelerator really shines against these enemies. All manner of attacks can be easily avoided by circle-strafing and side-stepping.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, these Demons are meaner and badder. Like all enemies in the game, they are able to react faster to an approaching player, they are faster, and attack faster. They function much like the other human enemies. A Demon can fire multiple magic attacks due to its speed enhancement, but as always, these incoming projectiles can be easily dodged by moving either left or right. Tactics stated above stills applies.

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