For the level featured in Turok, see Death Valley.
Death Valley
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Terraformed planet

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Massive open space, grayscale coloration, and a distinct lack of life in most areas.

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"You hear that? Something's coming..."
—Slade, upon hearing the roar of the valley's resident carnivore[1]

Death Valley is a location that is traversed in Turok. It is featured in its namesake level "Death Valley" and is only seen once in the entire game.


Death Valley is a morbid area, always covered in thick grey clouds, with multiple dead trees lining the valley itself. In the valley are the remains of a bridge which was destroyed by some sort of massive event but was most likely in place to allow easy access across, instead of taking the long and deadly route through the valley. The carcasses and bones of deceased dinosaurs also litter the landscape.

Most of the plant life is made up of thorny plants on the rock walls or small green roots and grass on the ground in small patches. Other than that, the lack of plant life is apparent. Water is also lacking, as it is only found in the back of the valley near the cave where the player can access the cave system. This lack of vegetation has lead to the inside of the valley having a very grey landscape, contrasted only by the fires illuminated by the destroyed bridge and the scarlet red of the blood from previous kills.

Lastly, the outskirts of the valley feature a few things worthy of noting. One is the abundance of dead trees lying all around the valley; most are spiky and are rather unsettling in appearance. Prehistoric avian species also fly around the valley. The clouds themselves are grey and always cover the valley, leading to a moderate lack of sunlight throughout the area, which makes the area darker in appearance.

Native SpeciesEdit


Main article: Giganotosaurus

As noted, the Giganotosaurus makes its first appearance here. It is invulnerable and is meant to be an example of wildlife that the player should run away from. It is large in appearance, with the obvious theropod traits that most Carcharadontosaurs have, and this marks its first and last appearance in both the game and franchise.


Main article: Parasaurolophus

Alongside the Giganotosaurus is its prey, the Parasaurolophus. It is grey, much like its carnivorous predator, and is easily noticeable, as it appears right after the player jumps down into the valley with Slade. Two appear and will most likely be killed as the Giganotosaurus goes on a rampage throughout the valley.


Main article: Utahraptor

The most obvious, and well-known, enemy is the Utahraptor. They are prominent here and mainly appear from nests that dominate the valley in large numbers. A new variant of their kind appears here: the Albino variant. It makes its appearance in the caves that are connected to, and under, Death Valley. They are white colored with stripes on their backs and glowing red eyes, which suit their underground environment.

Notable LocationsEdit

The BridgeEdit

The bridge is the most well-known area of the valley. It is large, white in construction, and is lit with flames due to its destruction. It spans the entire valley, leading from one end, which was the Mendel-Gruman base, all the way across, presumably to another base. However, an unknown event caused the entire structure to break up and collapse.

The CavesEdit

The caves are a part of Death Valley but are below it. They encompass a large area and are full of crevices of various sizes, all of which are dark and are only lit up by flares, which the MG Soldiers lit for illumination.

The main resident of the caves are Albino Utahraptors, which have adapted to the dark and, in doing so, both lost their skin pigmentation and caused their eyes to turn a glowing red color.

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  • Turok (First appearance)

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