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Death Valley
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Joseph Turok


Death Valley, the caves, and its surrounding jungle area.


Find a way to the other side of the valley, and make your way to the crashed ship.

"Looks like a dino farm down there, but I think we can make it through on the other side."
—Slade after seeing the destroyed bridge and valley[1]

Death Valley is the third level in the campaign of Turok. It features a host of new creatures, the most notable being the Giganotosaurus.


Objective: Reach the other side of the valley.

The player is placed in a large wide open valley as the level starts, giving them free roam as to how to traverse the area. The best course of action for the player would be to venture around quickly, as around the dual rocky islands are pickups for the ORO FP9 SMG and some ORO FG8 Frag Grenade pickups scattered around the area.

Once the player has taken all they can, they can proceed forward, as by this point, they will have probably heard the roar of the valley's resident carnivore: the Giganotosaurus. This dinosaur is essentially equivalent to a Tyrannosaurus rex and, thus, should be avoided by the player. They can wait for the beast to run past, to eat the Parasaurolophus, or they can just try and run past the dinosaur as it charges forward.

For the player to successfully advance, they should allow the giant dinosaur to run forward, giving the player ample opportunity to head into a rocky island, which has a small crevice, which acts as a defense against both Utahraptors and the Giganotosaurus. From that point, the player can equip the ORO P23 Combat Knife and make a mad dash over to the flaming wreckage, where Slade is standing. Once the player is there, the Giganotosaurus will not follow, and the Utahraptors will stay relatively clear of it. However, once they are done, the player is free to jump down into the cave.

Objective: Find a way out of the caves.

After dropping down, the player is now tasked with heading through and navigating the deep caverns under Death Valley. Ambient sounds are now replaced with the nearby snarls of Utahraptors and the soft footsteps of stalking hunters, and the brighter outside areas are replaced with cramped interiors.

The player will not encounter anything past creepy scenery, such as a Utahraptor's feet darting past a cavern above them, and are free to take their time exploring the winding caverns, as a few passages lead to weapon drops for weapons such as the ORO HOG 9mm Handgun. When lost, the player can simply hug the right wall, which will lead them to each exit. After much traveling, and constant whining from Slade, a snarl and a panicked scream will arise from an MG Soldier, leading Slade to make a quiet remark while the player is left to investigate. The screams turn out to be an MG soldier, just deceased, with an ORO Enforcer Shotgun at his side. Slade claims it as his, and he uses its flares to distract the Albino Utahraptors roaming below.

A Utahraptor will knock the player down and will cause the others to come for them. The ideal way for the player to escape this situation would be to use the knife again and kill each Utahraptor with a Quick Time Event. The player should then switch to dual wielding SMGs and walk up and over the rock bridge in the center of the cave. This will lead to a winding circular area, where multiple Albino Utahraptor spawns will be placed. It is possible for the player to quickly shoot the Utahraptors down as they dig themselves out of their holes, and it would take a large portion of the workload off of the player.

Utahraptors will mainly come from the front of the player's viewpoint, where they need to head, while also coming out from the left side of the wall. Letting the Utahraptors come to them is the greatest idea, as running forward can result in the player getting swamped with multiple enemies which will ruthlessly knock them down until death sets in. At the max, there should be around six or seven Utahraptors, and once they are dealt with, the player should have no problem with advancing forwards. Eventually, the player will reach a rock bridge, which, when walked across, will collapse, sending the player deeper into the caverns. Slade tells the player to look for another way out and that if they do not make it out by sundown, he will move on without them.

Upon moving forward, the player will find their own Enforcer Shotgun. They can pair it up with an SMG or use it as a solo weapon. When advancing forward, the player will be presented with an massive amount of Utahraptors who are also engaging MG Soldiers. It would be in the best interest of the player to throw Frag Grenades in order to gain multi-kills against both sides. On a final note, the player can also use the P23 Combat Knife to gain a chain of instant kills on the dinosaur enemies. The player is also able to utilize flares against both sides, and the Utahraptors will stay in attack mode against the MG soldiers until they are both deceased. Like the run earlier, there will be six to seven, or even eight, Utahraptors ready to attack them.

Defeating them should be an easy task for the player, and once they are killed, the player should hug the left wall, which will lead up a slight incline towards a cave exit. A Utahraptor spawn will be to the left of the player on two, nearly joint occasions. The player can easily deal with them via Combat Knife kills with minimal effort, much like the past encounters. An MG Soldier duo are also under attack over here and are, in most circumstances, killed early on as the player sees them. Utilizing Frags and the Enforcer Shotgun should be the player's current strategy, due to the Enforcer's short range but powerful damage.

Once all the enemies are dealt with, a small, nature-made ladder will lead the player back up to the surface, taking them out of the caves.

Objective: Meet up with Slade.

Upon coming outside, the player will be engaged in a short conversation with Slade, who sarcastically congratulates Turok before instructing him to follow the smoke if he wishes to catch up. The player is then forced to march forward, and when they drop down, they will be granted Enforcer ammo and a secondary Enforcer Shotgun, should the player wish to dual wield. A Dilophosaurus will then move into the player's view as they move through the hollow tree, and it will kill a nearby Utahraptor before Slade distracts it with a flare, remarking that Turok "owes him one."

This will spawn multiple Utahraptors, which will attempt to kill the player, alongside the Dilophosaurus. If the player wishes to have some help with the situation, utilizing the flare's sticky properties to attach them to Utahraptors in an attempt to get the others to attack it would be a perfect strategy. It is also possible to kill multiple Utahraptors with Frag Grenades by luring them over to a flare and throwing one at them. Once these enemies are handled, the player will be instructed to climb up the small, nature-made ladder at the edge of the arena area; however, scattered around the area are ammo pickups, which can be useful.

Once the player is ready to advance, they can climb up the ladder, starting a cutscene. Turok will reach the top of the ladder, and a Utahraptor will jump him, knocking him down and mauling him briefly before a shot from a TRIGLAV 92 Stalker Sniper Rifle kills the beast. The shot turns out to be have been launched from Reese, a fellow Whiskey Company member. Slade expresses happiness at seeing Reese and expresses his hatred of the terraformed planet. Reese states that he hears it quite commonly, and they both move on, leaving Turok to pick himself up.

Objective: Head towards the smoke on the horizon.

All the player must do now is simply walk forwards, past a Parasaurolophus and a few Echindon, before jumping down, bringing an end to this level and starting "Reunions."


  • A portion of this level was playable in the demo released on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.
  • The smoke rising from the ship in "Death Valley" is actually placed in the incorrect area of the level. When the player is in the valley itself, it is placed to the right of the mountain in "Death Valley" and not behind it, the area where they go to actually reach it.

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