Death Helm
Viking helm




Upgrade Item and Damage Boost




Affects player using it and any player who is contacted and damaged by the wielder.

"An ancient barbarian cursed this helm long ago. Over time it has passed through generations of generals and kings. To the wearer it gives them the ultimate power, but at a price."
Turok: Evolution manual[1]

The Death Helm is an armor upgrade that makes its first and only appearance in Turok: Evolution's multiplayer. As its name indicates, this helmet causes death, ironically to both the player and enemy alike.


This helmet appears as a gold-plated, twin-horned helmet. It has streaks of blue throughout the interior, and it has twin eye holes for the player to look out of.


This helmet is both the player's blade and burden. It will give the user enhanced damage properties while costing the player five points of health every three seconds. Once activated, its powers will stay with the player until their death. However, the increased damage that this helmet provides is more than enough of a motivator for a player to acquire this item, even if it means their death.

There is a way to negate this effect, though: grabbing five Regeneration Idols will grant the player the ability to regain health faster than they can lose it. This, however, can be near impossible to perform as the Idol generation is random and the Regeneration Idol is rarer than the others.


  • Increased Damage


  • Death (can be avoided)
  • Damage increase applies to the player too (self-inflicted splash damage is stronger)
  • Irritating flashes on the screen when hurt and the sound that accompanies it

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