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The Deadkin are the souls of the damned and wicked trapped in the place known only as Deadside.

They are not to be confused with zombies. The Deadkin use the bodies of the dead as vessels to create and spread chaos and despair. The soul itself has to be destroyed to "kill" a Deadkin, a task only a Shadowman can accomplish.

Deadkin RanksEdit

  • Deadmen: The fodder of Deadside. Only uses armor as ornament instead of protection.
  • Deadman Half: The upper torsos of the Deadmen.
  • Lords of the Dead: The "elite" of Deadside. They use arcane knowledge to both conjure attacks and protect themselves.
  • Sisters of Despair: Witches in a previous life, these souls have opted to revive their deceased bodies as their powers can only be truly "unlocked" with the knowledge they left behind in the physical world.

List of appearancesEdit

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