Withering Heights

Dark Jungle
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Turok: Evolution


Jungalus Vulgarimicus

"Evil eyes behind every tree
Only a dark cave to hide in
Turok: Evolution

Dark Jungle is the ninth map in Turok: Evolution's multiplayer map roster. It takes place in a jungle presumably around the mid-afternoon to evening.

It is similar to Oasis but its atmosphere is much more "sinister" and "dark" compared to its companion map. This map is surrounded by cliff-like walls and also has a "tree fort" in one of the corners of the map.


This map is asymmetric. There is a cave system in this map, along with a lake, a "tree fort," and the wide open ground area that dominates the landscape. There is also a wooden wall along one of the sides of the map. There is no means of fast transportation on this map.

The map is noticeably darker than most, as it is presumably later in the day. This can lead to player confusion, as they might get lost, the darkness impedes their progress, and they run around in circles. This can be circumvented via map remembrance (remembering certain landmarks in the area, such as the tree fort or river).

Hearkening back to Oasis, this map contains multiple cave systems, like its predecessor. Unlike the previous map, however, this one integrates all caves into one flowing system, in which torches line the walls to give the player light. Near the edge of the map is a large lake with an island at the center. Said lake is near an entrance to the cave system, making both easily accessible.

Lastly, there is a tree fort in this level, which contains weapons, ammunition for said weapons, and Medkits. It is found opposite of the lake, and it is accessed via ladder systems, which the player needs to climb in their attempt to reach the helpful items located on top of it.

Points of InterestEdit

  • The Cave System

The Cave System is found to the right of both spawn points. It is three-tiered with multiple entrances and exits. This cave system holds Grenades, a Flechette Gun, a Cloaking Belt, a Shield Belt, and finally a Shotgun along with many types of Arrows and ammo for multiple guns. There is one Dark Matter Cube in the back of the cave.

  • The Tree Fort

Arguably the most important area, the Tree Fort is the area in which a Rocket Launcher is present. It also has ammo for the Rocket Launcher and is located near some Minigun rounds, too.


  • By going to the wooden wall near the caves, the player can see outside of the map, albeit barely. However, they cannot go through the crack in the wall or throw Grenades over the wall since the map's hitbox is constricting.
  • The music theme of this level is "The Shadowed Lands."
  • Any blood animation is glitched on this level. Any time the player will see a blood fountain it is always above the deceased player, instead of coming out of them. This is best seen when the player decapitates someone.
  • This map is aesthetically similar to the campaign map "Summit Battle;" however, the skybox is taken from the level "Mountain Ascent" since Summit's skybox is the deep blue of most of Chapter 1's skyboxes.
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