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Dam the Defenses
Chapter 2 Damm the Defenses


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Jungalus Vulgarimicus

"Your path climbs ever higher as you ascend the mountain. Destroy the Sleg air units and take out the defenses at the great dam."
Turok: Evolution

Dam the Defenses is the third level of Chapter 2 of Turok: Evolution.


This mission begins with a fast-paced travel up a mountainside. The travel itself is relatively easy, with the only wildlife encountered being Parasaurolophus' and Stegosaurus'. However, upon reaching the turn, which forces the player to the left, a Sleg aircraft will fly through the canyon wall, sending massive rocks down upon the player. Dodging them simply requires the player to fly up, while the rocks will fall lower, into the canyon itself.

Upon evading the rock slide, the player will be promptly pushed into a small cave with a waterfall at the edge, and upon exiting that, they will be thrust into a massive, open area. In this area, an immediate objective will pop up, prompting the player to blow up the Sleg Transport in the vicinity. It will take either a few simple rocket shots or concentrated fire from the machine guns already equipped.

Once it is destroyed, the player will then be required to destroy the mounted turrets by the doors of the valley, a task that is very easy as it simply requires the player to concentrate fire, much like the Sleg Transport Ship. Once they are gone, the doors will open, and the player will be tasked with a downwards descent; however, they must maintain caution, as sharp, angular rocks can easily take the player out, forcing a restart. Once the descent is done, the mission is completed.

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