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"The Campaigner's elite troops. Far tougher than human enemies, these steel-plaid menaces are impervious to arrows and shotgun blasts."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter manual[1]

Cyborgs are mechanical beings built by the Campaigner as security guards for his fortress.


The standard Cyborg is humanoid in appearance. They are plated in either drab red or drab green armor, and their faceplates have a single visor from which they see. Their voices are heavily modulated.


The Cyborg has the same attack and movement patterns as the melee-oriented human enemies. Cyborgs use melee weapons, and the type of melee weapon depends on the color of the Cyborg: the drab green Cyborgs wield a long knife/machete weapon, and the drab red Cyborgs carry a double-sided energy baton. Since they only use melee weapons, they will try to get close to the player, who must either dispatch them beforehand or dodge their attacks.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, these cybernetic soldiers are meaner and badder than ever. Like all enemies in the game, they are able to react faster to an approaching player, they are faster, and attack faster. The Cyborgs act much like their human counterparts in this regard. When confronting a group of Cyborgs in a corridor the player can use the Grenade Launcher to effectively destroy the enemy group. A single Cyborg can be taken down with a single explosive blast either with the Shotgun or Tek Bow, or two shots with the Pulse Rifle.

Cyborgs are immune to both regular arrows and Shotgun shells. Though other bullet weaponry does damage, energy weapons and explosives are the best ways to defeat them.

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