Production overview



Weapon Type:


Ammo Type:

Arrows (Seeds of Evil)
Normal, Explosive, and Poison arrows (Evolution)

Ammo Capacity:

Unlimited arrows (Seeds of Evil)
50 Arrows, 15 Explosive Arrows, and 10 Poison Arrows (Evolution)

Rate of Fire:


Effective Range:

Short-Long Range

"The crossbow delivers a powerful punch in a compact size, which makes it perfect for a man on the go. A full selection of arrows and powerful 2 stage sniper zoom makes the crossbow a deadly weapon indeed."
Turok: Evolution manual[1]

The Crossbow is a weapon featured in the multiplayer modes of Turok 2: Seeds of Evil and Turok: Evolution. It is the multiplayer equivalent of the Tek Bow.


The Crossbow in Seeds of Evil is a futuristic version of a modern crossbow, with a steel frame and a red paint pattern similar to that of the Tek Bow. This weapon is only featured in the console multiplayer for Seeds of Evil.

The Crossbow makes a return in Turok: Evolution with a complete redesign. For one, it is held more like a rifle than a true bow due to its handle and its limbs being inverted, but it functions exactly like the Tek Bow.


Turok 2: Seeds of EvilEdit

The Crossbow is the starting weapon for all players in console multiplayer and can only fire standard arrows. Its ammo supply is unlimited, however. While body shots are not recommended, headshots are a guaranteed one-shot kill. Players should, however, use this weapon only if they are out of options.

Turok: EvolutionEdit

The Crossbow uses all three arrow types. It also features a two-stage sniper zoom for long range shots. It is obtained in every map (barring airborne maps). Since it functions exactly like the Tek Bow, it has the exact same strengths, weaknesses, and rate of fire. This weapon also requires the fire button be held down before it can be used.

Ammo PickupsEdit

Turok: EvolutionEdit

  • Quiver of Arrows: Restocks 10 arrows.
  • EXP Quiver: Restocks 10 EXP arrows.
  • Poison Quiver: Restocks 8 poison arrows.


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Notes and referencesEdit

  1. Dickson, Bill (September 2, 2002). "Weapons (FPS Mode)". Turok: Evolution manual. United States: Acclaim Entertainment. p. 10.
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