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Average height:

1' tall


Massive, broad shaped head and a thick, scaled hide.

Notable groups:



Crocodiles are aquatic reptiles of the order Crocodilia and are similar to dinosaurs in several ways.[1] In the Turok franchise, they mostly appear as enemies. In the video games, they will attack the player.


The Crocodiles appear much like the crocodiles of the modern day. They are brown in coloration and have black eyes, which take up a small portion of their skulls.

They have four small, yet powerful, legs which can carry them over land with surprising swiftness, and their tails are long and somewhat stiff, as they are meant for swimming in large lakes.


In gameplay, these creatures are only encountered once, in the level "Hunter's Peril." They are immediately encountered by the lakeside next to some Gazelles, and they will sit silently, basking in the sunlight. 

Once the player comes too close, they will quickly run over and attack the player. Their groundspeed is insanely fast for their body type, and they can easily run alongside the player before snapping at their heels and feet. They can easily damage the player with bites, which will occur every one to two seconds, with each bite causing around 2-3 points of damage.

They can be easily killed, however, taking only three hits with nearly any weapon before succumbing to their wounds. Ammo types like the Tek Bow's Explosive Arrows can easily kill them in one hit, though using the Pistol would be a preferred strategy, as its rate of fire is superior to the Tek Bow's.

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