Coming In Last

Medal Type:

Task Medal

Hidden Requirements:

4 human opponents,
10 frags less than third place.


Coming In Last is a task-based medal in Turok: Rage Wars. It is earned when a player gets last place in a round that consists of four human players (i.e. no bots). The fourth-place player must have 10 frags less than the third-place player.


A turtle-shaped medal with a shiny metallic finish, two gems for the eyes, and tribal decorations around the turtle shell, which also features a translucent circle in the center.

Gameplay StrategiesEdit

This is one of the "shame" type of medals that are easy to achieve, but only completionists would purposely go after. It can be achieved on any level, and it is recommended to set the frag count fairly high, as the third-place player needs to have at least 11 frags, and higher-placed players must have even more.

Image Gallery - RendersEdit

List of appearancesEdit

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