Chest Burster
Turok Rage Wars Arsenal - Chest Buster
Production overview



Ammunition type:

Energy rounds

Primary function:

Talon Shot

Secondary function:

One Embryo Shot

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The Chest Burster is a weapon featured exclusively in Turok: Rage Wars.


The Chest Burster is a weaponized container with a needle-tipped barrel. Activating the secondary fire mode reveals a translucent cylinder that contains the embryo of an unknown creature.


In primary mode, called "Talon Shot", the Chest Burster rapidly fires alien talons filled with liquid poison. This resembles the secondary function of the Mantid Mites.

Using the Chest Burster's secondary fire mode ("One Embryo Shot") implants an embryo into the target character's chest. If left untreated, the embryo will cause the titular effect, resulting in massive damage that kills the target instantly. This can be avoided by picking up a Power Core or by killing the attacker before the embryo hatches.

The Chest Burster cannot be used in the single-player campaign, except by Tal'Set, whose arsenal is randomly selected from all of the weapons in the game. In multiplayer mode, the Chest Burster becomes available to players once it has been unlocked either by beating the "Warehouse" level in the Mantid Soldier's single-player mission tree or by turning the "All Weapons" cheat on.

This weapon is likely kept out of the other games due to its unfair power and uncommon ammunition type. In Turok: Rage Wars it takes Energy rounds, but the source of the living embryos is left unexplained.

Trivia Edit

  • The Chest Buster is likely a reference to the Alien franchise as the embryo rips through the enemy's ribcage in a similar manner as the Xenomorph.

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