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The Cerebral Possessor is a weapon upgrade featured in Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion.

It is an upgrade to the Cerebral Bore and is unique to Joseph Fireseed.


This weapon's appearance is nearly that of its predecessor, the Cerebral Bore. However, it has a few subtle yet key differences. Most strikingly, the lighting patterns and coloring is different, being a thin, erratic blue pulse instead of the slow, orderly red strobe.

The visible internal gear mechanism has blue lighting similar to the Cerebral Burst. The entire body has a subtly darker and desaturated green look to it.

The bore projectile fired is identical to other cerebral weaponry and has a black body with patterns—or possibly lights—of bright red, complete with a blood red trail.


The gameplay elements and method of firing the Cerebral Possessor are nearly the same as its predecessor and almost identical to the Cerebral Burst. Whereas the Burst has enemy targets flee before their explosive, gory demise, the Possessor takes this one step further and allows players to take control of enemies.

For the short amount of time the player possesses a target they not only can take a view of the level from their location but can also move freely. This allows the player to guide them into enemy fortifications and cause them to explode, killing others around them. 

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Weapon Upgrade: Does NOT restock ammo.
  • Cerebral Bore: Restocks 2 bores.


  • This weapon is not recommended to use if the player is trying to beat the game without cheats as it displays some of the nastiest bugs in Turok 3. Sometimes the game will freeze and hang when the weapon is fired, making players lose whatever progress they may have not saved.
  • If enemies start shooting the bore-controlled target, the player will take the hit, and this can sometimes kill them if they are low on health.

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