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Campaigner Soldiers are one of the primary hostile forces encountered throughout Turok: Dinosaur Hunter alongside their comrades the Poachers.


The Campaigner Soldiers are men of relatively normal height and well-developed physique. They are equipped with light, metal armor that covers their entire body. Their armor is composed of a breastplate that protects their chest, back, and shoulders, and they wear metal gauntlets on their arms. Some Soldiers, however, prefer to leave their torsos bare, possibly as a sign of either pride or arrogance. Their lower bodies are protected by armored boots and shin guards under which they wear brown pants.

Some Campaigner soldiers seem to be cybernetically enhanced with features such as cranial implants or metal jaws. Other Soldiers seem to be missing their pupils, leaving their eyes a stark white. It is unknown what effect these would have on the individual, though for gameplay purposes they are purely cosmetic.


Campaigner Soldiers, though similar to the Poachers, are much more dangerous. They are armed with a variety of weapons, from assault rifles to clubs and bladed weapons. Others throw grenades from a distance.

When fighting a melee oriented Soldier, the player can easily avoid their attacks by circle-strafing and finish them off with a single Knife slash on the back. When going up against grenadiers, the player can avoid the incoming grenades by side-stepping and killing them with the Knife or by keeping their distance and killing them with the Pistol. Lastly, when going up against gun wielders the player can avoid incoming fire by using the level geometry for cover. If attacked by only a single enemy the player can just use the Pistol or Shotgun; in a case of multiple hostiles, the Assault Rifle and Auto Shotgun can be used alongside cover for minimal damage. These tactics can be applied to Poachers also.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Campaigner Soldiers have become deadlier but are still a relatively weak enemy. They have much faster movement speed and reactions as well as higher health. The Tek Bow, Knife, and Pistol are still good and effective against the stationary Soldiers, but the player must be careful and take cover when possible. This is especially good advice when encountering groups of Soldiers. Also, a well placed explosive arrow is highly effective when dealing with groups, as long as the player makes sure to hit the ground around the Soldiers' feet. In some instances, the player can make of good use of the Auto Shotgun as it works perfectly for clearing out areas, especially enclosed ones.

Like with the other human enemies of Dinosaur Hunter, killing a Campaigner Soldier with the Knife or regular arrows can result in a Mortal Wound appearing.

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