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"More brawn than brains, these huge men are armed with pulse rifles. They can take a lot more damage than their weaker counterparts."
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter website[1]

Campaigner Sergeants are commanders of the Campaigner Soldiers in Turok: Dinosaur Hunter. These men are scattered around the Lost Land to guard highly valuable objects and were sent to the front lines by the Campaigner himself to stop Tal'Set from completing his objectives.


The Campaigner Sergeants are humans of enormous stature with frightening dispositions. They are taller than their brethren and are quite heavily built. They are equipped with heavy armor from their chest to their feet. Despite this, though, they are quite agile and can be seen jumping down from great heights with no ill effect. Their weapon of choice is a modified variant of the Pulse Rifle.

The Campaigner Sergeants are outfitted with heavy, metal armor that appears to be a modified version of the Soldiers' armor. It consists of a breastplate, wrist guards, and spiked shoulder pads. Their legs and feet are protected with boots and spiked shin guards.

It is noticeable that certain Sergeants are outfitted with bionic implants. It is unknown what effect these would have on the individual, though for gameplay purposes they are purely cosmetic.


Campaigner Sergeants are fast, strong, and highly accurate and can attack from both range and close quarters via melee attacks with their rifle stocks. The player should naturally avoid their attacks and try to keep their aim trained on the Sergeants.

Sergeants have the same attack strategies as the Poachers and Soldiers, so any tactics used to deal with the others can be applied equally to the Sergeant as well. The player can avoid incoming fire by using the level geometry for cover. If there is only a single enemy, the player can use the Pistol or Shotgun; with multiple hostiles the Assault Rifle and Auto Shotgun can be used alongside cover for minimal damage.

With the Hardcore difficulty mode introduced in Night Dive Studios' HD remaster, the Campaigner Sergeants have become deadlier than ever. Their already high speed, endurance, and reaction time have been heightened, making them an even greater force to be reckoned with. The number of shots they can fire in just a short while can be of great cost to inexperienced players. The strategies listed above are still of use when dealing with the Sergeants, but greater caution is naturally advised.

Other useful tips when confronting the Sergeants are using explosive shells or one-hit killing them with normal arrows, achieved when the tip of the arrow shines and its quickly released. It is also possible for the player to lure Raptors over to them to take them out.

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