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The Campaigner, formerly James Dunlap, is a Campaigner present in the comic Turok: Spring Break in the Lost Land as well as the junior novels Turok: Seeds of Evil and Turok: Arena of Doom. He is a former soldier of the American Civil War and a Confederate prisoner who was held in a brutal Union P.O.W. camp.

He was forced to fight daily to survive until he was drawn into the Lost Land during an encounter on Earth with Tal'Set and Gilad of the Forever Family. He escaped, survived, and was deemed a logical choice to be made a Campaigner.

Turok: Spring Break in the Lost LandEdit

In the comic Turok Spring Break in the Lost Land, the Warlord Campaigner sent out Dinosoids and aliens to capture Joshua Fireseed's friends—along with his uncle, Carl Fireseed—and made them fight each other to the death at the Campaigner's Arena. Yanik Fireseed and Joshua arrived to rescue them, and Joshua challenged the Campaigner to a game he called "Situational Battling Practice." Joshua ended up winning the game and freeing his friends.

Junior novelsEdit

Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion (GBC)Edit

The Campaigner is one of the bosses in the Game Boy Color port of Shadow of Oblivion. He shoots fireballs and can release bugs to attack the player.

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