Bruckner's Tyrannosaurus rex
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Bruckner and the Sleg

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This dinosaur has a larger size than the other Tyrannosaurus, and it also has a "suit" of body armor. It also has facial spikes and multiple weapon systems mounted on its chassis.


Bruckner's Tyrannosaurus rex is a boss fight encountered in "Vengeance" in Turok: Evolution.

The T. rex is mounted by Captain Tobias Bruckner, and it is armed to the teeth with weaponry to match Tal'Set's own arsenal.


Turok: EvolutionEdit

This Tyrannosaurus has an orange-ish brown color and is slightly larger than the one encountered in Summit Battle.

It has silver armor on its head, neck, spine, and thighs. It also has two horns on its jaws. It is more powerful than the previously encountered T. rex, and it can knock trees down by running into them.

Turok: Evolution (GBA)Edit

This T. rex looks much like its console counterpart. It is orange, large in size, and also features the massive armor that the console variant possesses. 


There are a few attacks that the T. rex can use. They are:

  • Bite - This is pretty self-explanatory. The Tyrannosaurus bites down on the player, tearing through their health. This will always kill within a few hits.
  • Flamethrowers - This attack is used when the T. rex activates its two face spike-mounted flamethrowers. This will easily burn through the player's health, and the flames will stay on the ground for extra damage if walked into.
  • Miniguns - This attack involves the T. rex using the two side-mounted Miniguns on its back. This is the most damaging attack outside of the bite since the Miniguns are very accurate and will chew through the player's health in no time.
  • Rockets - This attack involves the T. rex firing two rockets from back-mounted launchers at the player. The T. rex only does this attack when the player is very far away from its position. The rockets are very similar to the rockets fired by the Ankylosaurus, but they have the animation of a grenade explosion and do less damage.


There are some crucial weaknesses that can make this boss fight significantly easier. They include:

  • Falling Trees - If a tree were to fall on the T. rex it will kill the T. rex with minimal effort.
  • Level Geometry - One problem with this T. rex is that it has trouble getting around the level's geometry. This means that if it gets stuck behind a rock it will stay behind that rock until the player changes angles. Also, hiding inside the crashed Sleg ship in the corner of the map will cause the T. rex to get stuck by the ship's wing. If the player carefully peeks out of the ship, they can attack the T. rex safely.


  • This T. rex has the same death animation as the one in Chapter 3 albeit prolonged as the T. rex's armor falls off.

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