Destroy a dilo with the stickygun during a public match.
An achievement in Turok.
Points: 10G

Boomstick[1] is a Co-Op-based achievement in Turok. It is obtained by killing a Dilophosaurus with the ESUS Blackfly.


This achievement's image shows the skull of a Dilophosaurus with a small explosion graphic behind it, which represents the prerequisites for the achievement itself.

Gameplay StrategyEdit

This achievement must be unlocked in a "player" match, not a "private" match. First of all, the player will need to be playing the second Co-Op map, "Shadowed Paths," and after they hack the terminal next to the rocket turret, they need to follow the path until they come across two Utahraptors eating some dead meat.

To the right of them is a Blackfly, and the player should grab it to kill the two Utahraptors, which allows two Dilophosaurus' to spawn, one at a time. It takes two explosions from the Blackfly to kill a Dilophosaurus—one knocks it down and the second kills it. Once the player successfully kills a Dilophosaurus with the weapon, the achievement will unlock.

List of appearancesEdit

Notes and referencesEdit

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