Turok Rage Wars Arsenal - Boomerang
Production overview

Weapon Type:

Energy Weapon

Ammunition type:

Energy Rounds

Ammo Capacity:


Range Type:


Secondary Function:

Slow Down Toss



Service history

Unlocked By:

Completing Defcon 5 as Adon

2nd Function Unlocked By:

Completing Warehouse as Lord of the Dead


The Boomerang is a weapon that appears in Turok: Rage Wars. As its name indicates, it is a tri-bladed boomerang that can lock onto targets and return to the wielder.


The Boomerang is a high-tech, tri-bladed throwing weapon. It sports a silver and red color scheme and has red lights flashing on its blades.

The Boomerang has a tracking device built into it. This helps lock onto targets and guides the weapon through the air.


The Boomerang can be an effective ranged weapon most of the time, but it requires to be locked onto a target for the weapon to do any damage. It has unique crosshairs similar to that of the Cerebral Bore, and the player will know when it has locked on when the crosshair turns green.

After it has locked on, the weapon can be thrown towards the enemy. Throwing it happens much quicker than the Razor Wind and will travel towards enemies if the crosshair remains locked. This can be somewhat difficult to do, since the Boomerang can only successfully hit a target if it remains locked on.

While the weapon is flying, the player must focus on keeping the crosshair locked on; this way the Boomerang can easily hit the designated target. The weapon also has a secondary function. This function is weaker than the primary, but it slows down the target if the hit is landed.

Most enemies can die within four to five tosses, but the player will spend more time trying to keep the target locked on, so overall this weapon is mainly recommended for long-range attacks. Despite being a thrown weapon, it still requires ammunition to be used.

Lastly, this weapon uses energy rounds and consumes 10 rounds per toss and 20 rounds per secondary toss.

Ammo PickupsEdit

  • Energy Rounds - Restores 100 rounds

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