For the boss at the end of "Lair of the Blind Ones", see The Blind One.
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The Blind Ones are a race of monsters that appear in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil.


Distant cousins of the Flesh Eaters, they have lived deep beneath the surface of the Lost Land for centuries. After being exiled from their former home, they took to the mountains of Galyanna for shelter.

Generation after generation of living underground has left them completely blind, but their other senses are dramatically heightened to compensate. Legend tells that they can hear the beat of a heart and smell the blood of an intruder from miles away. Like their cousins, the Flesh Eaters, they also lust for warm flesh and blood and will occasionally journey to the surface under the cover of night in search of helpless victims to drag back to their lair to either devour or feed to their giant spider pets.

Millennia of living underground have made the Blind Ones vulnerable to sunlight, a fatal allergy which can kill them if they are directly exposed to it.

While not as technologically advanced as their distant cousins, they are just as intelligent as them, making use of anything available within reach, even resorting to grave robbing. The Blind Ones create crude tools and weapons out of tar, bones, and wood, and the best weapons are given to the best warriors.

Blind OnesEdit

  • Guardians: Chubby creatures with bore-like tusks. They are armed with a crossbow, which they can also use as melee weapons. They can call forth Fire Worms from the earth that will nip at the heels of their enemies.
  • Sentinels: Sentinels are fast and cunning. They attack at close range with a large metal blade and can throw grenades from a distance. They are more vicious than the Guardians.


These beings have been tamed by the Blind Ones and will attack Turok without question:

  • Nalas: One-eyed creatures sporting small legs and large "hands" that will attack the player by spitting acid.
  • Fire Worms: Summoned by the Guardians, these worms will try to get close to Turok by "swimming" on dirt and will nip at the player's feet.
  • Cave Spiders: Large spiders kept by the Blind Ones as pets. They will usually help their masters drag victims down to their doom. There are two types of spiders lurking in the Lair of the Blind Ones.
    • Hatchlings: Small, nimble, and dangerous, the player must dispatch these spiders quickly as they will eat away at their health with astonishing speed if they are not careful.
    • Adults: Large versions of the hatchlings, these spiders will attack Turok from afar by spitting poison, and if they get close, they will try to bite the player.
  • Cave Worms: These subterranean worms guard caves leading to places of interest to Turok and will use their tongue as a whip to attack.

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