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"A bizarre, spider legged abomination. A primarily organic upper body is mounted atop an entirely mechanical lower body. Four spider-like limbs move the Bio-Bot with great speed. One 'arm' consists of a heavy blaster, while the other can extend like a telescope, and strike Turok from great distances with its razor sharp hooks."
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil Official Strategy Guide[1]

The Bio-Bots are an enemy featured in Turok 2: Seeds of Evil. They are part of the Primagen's Army, bizarre bio-mechanical robots that protect and maintain the Primagen's Lightship. The Lightship has a very large number of them on board, many within alcoves in the walls lying dormant, where they will sometimes emerge when an intruder passes by. The anatomy of the Bio-Bot enables it to compact itself easily into these alcoves.


The Bio-Bots are a strange fusion of flesh and technology. They have multiple eyes, and they propel themselves with a large sphere that sits under their torso that they use in conjunction with their arms to move around.


Bio-Bots are mobile enemies, the fastest of the Primagen's troops, and are quite dangerous, even if encountered alone. They are solely found in corridors, and when the player closes in, they will automatically engage whether or not the player has seen them. With their high speed and mobility, they have the advantage in corridors as they can easily reach the player and attack without missing. If the player decides to run away, it is likely that they will stumble into another Bio-Bot, get caught in a dead end, or attacked by a Turret.

To dispatch a Bio-Bot, use the Razor Wind inside corridors where is easy to land a hit and can attack enemies from behind. The Shredder and Plasma Rifle are also effective in medium-range engagements. The player must keep in mind that the Bio-Bots' attacks are effective in close quarters, and trying luring them into an open area may not be a good tactic, as the player may find themselves running into turrets or other enemies.

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  • Turok: Seeds of Evil junior novel (First appearance)

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