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"A former Warlord and General, this evil being believes the only way back to power is to defeat Turok and grab the Light Burden. Crafty, manipulative, and downright fearsome, Bastille will have his enemies' heads and eat them, too."
Turok: Rage Wars website[1]

Deposed Lord and General of a once mighty army, Bastille was sentenced to death when he and his honor guard attempted to assassinate the King.  His standing as a Lord revoked, Bastille was on the precipice of death when a temporal distortion in his home world pulled him through a fracture in the netherscape and deposited him in the Lost Land. Bastille found himself in a land ripe for the taking.  A world full of technological marvels and a host of "lesser" races that could be easily controlled. 

Bastille's shield-generating armor was worn by a great Warlord whom he poisoned after winning his trust. Although Bastille soon amassed a sizable following of warriors, he failed to attain recognition as anything more than a roving thug, commanding a host of rabble and thieves. Determined to win back his honor, and be regaled as a true leader, Bastille has set his eyes on the "Light Burden." With it, he could rule the Lost Land, and exact his revenge on his former King.


Bastille sports futuristic armor which covers most of his body. His skin color is a silver shade, as well as his eyes and hair color. His armor is colored black with some purple highlights.

He also sports a helmet, which is only visible on the German version of Turok: Rage Wars


While playing against Bastille:

  • The player should not allow him to pick up ANY of the health packs; these will replenish his health and make him even harder to kill.
  • The player should not face him out in the open. Instead, they should lure him to either one of the corridors on the map, where the Explosive Rounds or Energy Rounds spawn. In there, the player will have a better chance of dropping his shield down and give him a pounding. Repeat until he is dead.
  • The player should always make sure to pick up the 50 Health pick up which is located atop a wooden crate, but they should only pick it up when they really need it.
  • If the player has the Flare Gun, they should make sure to equip it and leave a trail of green lights on the corridor's floor as these will drain his shield faster and will lead to an easier victory.
  • The player should use explosives if they have them. If they do not have any explosive weapons, then they should resort to using their strongest weapon against him.

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  • This character does not have any additional skins.


  • In his page's URL on the Turok: Rage Wars website, Bastille is referred to as Elic.[1]
  • His helmet is a means of censorship in the German version of the game, as Germany traditionally does not allow violent content, especially against human/humanoid enemies, in their games.

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