The Lost Land


Death Valley

Bad Blood
2015-05-12 00044




Joseph Turok




Jungles and an MG base


Travel through the jungles and slay all you encounter. Then infiltrate the MG base and find a way out.

"If I was a traitor, you'd already be dead."
—Joseph Turok to Slade, upon the latter accusing him of being a traitor

Bad Blood is the third level of Turok. It focuses mainly on Joseph Turok and Slade making their way down the valley and through the MG facility.


Objective: Find the main crash site.

The player will be dropped into a walled in, high elevation area upon the level's start, alongside Slade. As the player moves forward and down, they will be met with two paths. A left, and a right. Left will take the player to a small ridge, where a solitary ORO FG8 Frag Grenade lays, right will just take the player directly to the next objective.

Objective: Investigate Chopper Wreckage.

As the player moves towards the flaming wreck, they will be beset by a large pack of Mini-Raptors, who become aggressive and attack. The player will be tasked with killing them, and after a short time of holding out, a Utahraptor roar will send the rest scattering. The player can then roam freely for a short time before Slade calls for the player to follow them to the giant skull.

Objective: Follow Slade.


After the cutscene finishes, the player will be attacked by a Utahraptor and pushed into a quick time event, during which they must defend themselves from the dinosaur. After it's killed, a set of two to three other Utahraptors will arrive for the player to fight, including one who arrives once the player pushes up to Slade's position once the former few are dealt with.

Objective: Follow Slade up to the skull.

Once they're all dealt with, the player must follow Slade, and they'll be greeted with a set of vines they can climb.

Objective: Find the main crash site.

2014-10-11 00021

Once they've climbed them, a small walk through the next few areas will be ripe with Mini-Raptors and Echindons, but no actual resistance will pop up. The player will eventually be presented with a set of two paths. The left path will take players up to a small side cliff, where they can overlook the right path, and drop down into the next area. The right path is slightly quicker. Either path will allow players to have their first contact with the Parasaurolophus and Brachiosaurus species. It's possible for a solitary Utahraptor to be fought here, but the event is rare. Once the player is done exploring the small area, another vine wall can be scaled to proceed.

Objective: Find the main crash site.

Upon moving forward, Turok will note the smoke from the crash site, and the player will be presented with another two path segment. The left path will allow the player to travel across the canyon by the fallen tree. The right will take the player along the side of the canyon, by cliff. Both end in the same conclusion. As the player moves further forward, a conflict between a Utahraptor and a group of Mini-Raptors will occur. When the player ends the fight, they can skim the small depression by hugging the right rockface, which will take them to a higher vantage point. Hidden behind a tree in this area is a dead Whiskey Company member, who has an ORO FP9 SMG and a frag grenade by his side. Some more SMG ammo can be found by the vine wall leading out of this area.

Objective: Find your way to the facility.

As the player's presented with a wide, sprawling, mountainous region of the terraformed planet, they'll be given the new objective of finding their way to the nearby MG facility. The player will then be directed through a small, winding rocky region, during which the screams of Mendel-Gruman soldiers can be heard. Slade will comment on this, and eventually the player will reach a battle between Utahraptors and a squad of MG Grunts.

Objective: Clear the area.

2014-10-11 00039

The player can choose to jump in guns blazing, or wait out the fight for a potential victor, before they can mop up the survivors. The latter strategy, especially on higher difficulties is the recommended one. An additional strategy to employ is the SMG's silencers, which can enable the player to take potshots without being spotted on the ridge they enter by. The MG soldiers will generally inhabit the area to the left of the player's entry position, by the cryo wreckage, while the Utahraptors will come in from the right, in the grassy region. Once the battle is done, the player can move down into the area and investigate the nearby wreck.

Objective: Search the cryo section wreckage.

Searching the cryo wreck will yield fruit for the player, resulting in both a cutscene, and a new weapon: the ORO C9 Perforator Bow.


Objective: Find a way to the facility.

Once the cutscene's completed, the player can push forward. They will be met with three unaware MG Grunts. Two on the far side of a cliffy area, with the third being directly in front of the player. While the player's encouraged to use the bow here, a more viable strategy for the player is to dual wield their SMGs, and equip the silencers on the weapons. The relatively close space of the areas involved in the region favor automatics much more than they do a single shot weapon. In addition, the Grunts' use of SMGs as well means the player can restock their ammunition easily.

As the player progresses forward, an MG Helicopter will come in to transport three more units to fight them. They can be dealt with relatively easily. Finally, as the player moves further down the area, a squad of three to four units will walk into the area. They will be unaware of the fight that just occurred, and it's possible for the player to stealth kill them all quickly.

As the player moves past the cliffy area, they will encounter an MG soldier fighting a Mini-Raptor. A quick knife kill can easily end the threat, as can other silenced weapons that the player possesses. Moving further up will reveal an MG outpost, to which Slade will suggest splitting up to take the enemy by surprise.

2015-04-15 00100

Stealth is easily the preferred option for the player here, and the bow will come to great use for them. Rather than moving left or right, the player can easily sit by the area they entered from, as the field of view provided for them enables them to have a full view of the camp and enemy pathing. The squad of enemies present will move around the area at set times, and stop. Picking off foes who are alone or away from others will yield the best results, as they won't be spotted by enemies nearby, who then go into attack mode. As enemies move from the front of the area, to the back, a good strategy is to take out the enemies at the front first, and fast, so that when enemies move to the back, and then return to the front, they can be picked off easily. If the enemies go into a yellow threat level, indicated by their visors, but the player hasn't been spotted, they can still shoot and take out enemies without being detected as the MG soldiers are most likely centered on a dinosaur attack. Once the threats have been culled, the player can move forward, and will soon find themselves on the outside walls of the MG facility.

Objective: Find a way into the MG Facility.

2015-04-15 00104

As soon as the player drops down into the area, they will be prompted to switch their SMGs to their silenced mode. In the immediate area will be two Parasaurolophus', and two MG Grunts, who will be patrolling the area. Moving up to the first set of support struts will spawn them, and moving a bit further will cause them to move from their spawn points.

The best course of action for the player would be to wait for the MG Grunt on the right-most path to begin walking away from them, as this will also signify the MG Grunt on the left will move towards the player, lengthening the space between the two. In this time, the player should quickly use their bow to neutralize the right-most foe, before turning to the left as the enemy will arrive from between the two rocks in the second set of support struts.

Upon moving forward, the player will be presented with both a gateway and a ladder. Taking the ladder will lead the player up to a small platform which will contain a set of arrows to restock, and will also provide a nice vantage point for the next set of enemies. Stealth is the preferred option for this fight as well, especially on Inhuman difficulty.

By default, there will be four enemies present in the area below. Much like the last outpost, the main strategy for stealth involves waiting for enemies to leave each other's sitelines, before using the bow. As such, taking out enemies near the rocky areas of the outpost before handling those near the inside gates is the most effective method of operation. Once the squad of four is taken out, an additional three arrive from a door by the walkway adjacent to the piping the player sits on. When they arrive, they will slowly split up over time and become easy pickings for the bow.

2015-04-15 00106

Once the seven overall enemies are dealt with, the only remaining enemies will be two to three that arrive from the door the player must move to. From the position of the walkway they climbed up to, the player should move along the pipeline, towards said doors, as the high height remains a valuable tool for them. Unlike the others, the risk of getting spotted by these enemies is very high, however, the risk overall is much lower, as these two to three enemies will be the only ones left for the area. Once they're dealt with, the player will finally be able to enter the base.

Objective: Explore the MG facility.

As soon as the player enters the base, Slade will opt to split up, with Turok warning him to maintain radio contact. The next room will be the first to contain enemies, with four being present. Two who walk around the area, one who stands behind the boxes in front of the door the player enters from, and one down the slight incline at the end of the room.

2015-04-15 00110

While stealth was the preferred option before the player entered the base, most stealth based strategies go out the window, as the confined spaces allow MG soldiers to be more aware of both the player's presence, and the presence of their allies, including when they die. As such, the player's best bet would be to pull out an SMG and equip a silencer, before peppering down every enemy in the room. Even if the alarm blares, declaring an intruder's present, no reinforcements will arrive, allowing the player to scavenge for ammo.

The room to the left of the enemy infested area will contain an ESUS Blackfly, which can be useful, especially for the newly confined spaces. Alongside it will be a gun rack with SMGs, and a shelf with some ORO HOG 9mm Handgun ammo. The wall directly opposite contains an ORO L66 Pulse Rifle, however, it can't be obtained as there's a barrier in front of the player. A ladder nearby will lead up to a quiver of arrows.

Upon entering the next room, an MG Grunt will immediately walk across the player's line of sight. Using the bow will allow for an easy opportunity to pin the soldier. On the ground floor will be two other Grunts, on the left and right. Switching to dual wielding SMGs and using the firepower to spray them down remains the most efficient strategy. Shelves on this ground floor contain more Handguns, and there are also some more racks of SMGs nearby. As the player moves up the first set of stairs, they will be met by two MG Grunts, both wielding SMGs as well.

The second level of the large room will contain a few pairs of Grunts as well. They can all be dispatched in the ways previously mentioned, and aren't hard to spot, nor are they a noticeable threat. This level also contains some ammo shelves for the HOG Handgun. Moving up to the third level of the room will see the player having explosive barrels rolled at them down the staircase. The player can shoot them as they roll down, or they can stand on a railing and preemptively shoot them before they even begin moving.

Much like the second level, the third just contains more Grunts, all of which can be disposed of easily. Once the room's cleared, the player can then move past the large area, and they'll be pushed into another cutscene.


Objective: Explore the MG facility.

2015-05-12 00003

As the cutscene ends, the player will be prompted to travel left. However, travelling right will reward the player with some extra SMG and Handgun ammo, on top of an extra grenade. When the player moves on, an MG Helicopter can be seen landing by the window. John Grimes will exit it and walk towards the base with an escort. Moving forward will grant the player with another Handgun pickup, and SMG ammo, with the next incline leading into an enemy encounter.

As soon as the squad of three MG Grunts moves into the player's field of vision, they should move forward and to the left, as a small alcove will prevent the squad from seeing them. After a short discussion, the squad will split up, and one will walk past the shadowed corner, enabling the player to stealth kill them. Exploring the room to the left of the player's entry point will reveal a ton of ammunition, including some for the Blackfly, provided the player ran out prior to encountering this area.

The next room is another multi-leveled, enemy packed area. One sole MG Grunt will remain directly in front of the player. This area is defined by three levels, the top, middle, and bottom. The top is accessible only by ladder. Whereas the bottom is accessible by both ladder and stairway. The top level contains another quiver of arrows, and a singular enemy. The middle level will contain the bulk of enemy forces, and the bottom will be host to two, or three foes.

2015-05-12 00013

The best way to tackle this area would be for the player to kill the top and bottom level's enemies first, as this allows for the player to solely focus on the area that's level with their field of view, avoiding confusion. Using the top level as a method of attacking also works, as the MG soldiers may become confused and stop attacking after a while of not seeing the player. As the player finishes up mopping up the remaining forces, they'll be ushered into the next room, which will be guarded by two MG Grunts.

The next room acts as a buffer before the long stretch of combat up ahead, and contains Handgun ammo and grenades. Turok will then be ushered by Slade to assist him.

Objective: Meet up with Slade.

Following Slade and Turok's comms chatter, the player will be placed into a supply filled corridor. Around the corner is a group of three MG Grunts. If the player is missing the achievement 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... BOOM!, this would be the prime place to obtain it. In addition, there's a ladder to the left of the player before the turn towards the squad of three. It leads to a higher level that can make a grenade toss to the three easy. Nevertheless, once the squad has been dealt with, the player will be pushed towards the final stretch of the level: the elevator room.

Objective: Help Slade.

As soon as the player moves into the elevator room, they'll immediately be prompted to help Slade, which simply requires the player to cull the enemy presence in the immediate area. There are three on the floor, and two on the walkway above the player. Once they've been dealt with, the player and Slade will move onto the elevator, and he'll start the ascent.

The journey upwards will take the player through three large rooms, each separated by a bulkhead door. The first floor is minor, and only has four Grunts on the way up. As the player moves past the first concrete buffer zone, explosive barrels will be dropped onto the platform. On Inhuman, these will kill the player immediately, so either using the side strafing mechanic to dodge their fall, or shooting them as they appear are viable ways of dealing with them.

The second floor ups the ante with a ten to eleven footsoldiers, all spread between the base floor, the second walkway, and the final one. Doors will also open up after a certain amount of enemies have been killed, allowing more to attack the player.

As the player mops up the second floor of enemies, a cutscene will play and the bulkhead leading to the third floor will close, prompting Turok to get out and override it to continue onward.

Objective: Destroy the blast door override.

As soon as the cutscene ends, two enemies will walk onto the area's ground floor to confront Slade and the player. If they're killed off, they also have the potential to respawn. On the top floor are four enemies who come pouring out of the room with the override. They can be bottle-necked in the doorway to the area, and an additional strategy to kill them off involves a well timed grenade throw. As there's not much room to dodge or evade the explosive, a grenade around or in the doorway will easily off multiple enemies. If the MG are past the door, however, this strategy is generally rendered moot. When the final enemy drops, the player can destroy the button at their leisure.

Objective: Help Slade.

2015-05-12 00016

Once the override is destroyed, two pairs of enemies will spawn. One to the right of the player, one to the left. The enemies on the left can be easily killed by destroying the barrels, which will create a massive explosion when hit. The enemies on the right can easily be sprayed down due to the confined space they spawn in.

As they fall, the player will be beckoned onto the elevator again for the final climb. When the elevator ascends, there won't be much in the way of resistance bar the area's final walkway, which contains three to five enemies.

Objective: Follow Slade.

When the elevator finally reaches the top of the station, the player can restock their ammo and weapons from the boxes and shelves nearby, before making the trek into the valley ahead.

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