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Average height:

1-2 feet tall


Monkey-like appearance


Baboons are primates featured in the jungle levels of Turok: Evolution and the Zoo. They can be very aggressive, predatory, and dangerous. If they decide to attack the player, they will often do so in groups.


In appearance, these mammals look much like modern baboons. They are primarily white, with black portions of fur as a secondary color.

They have black eyes and long arms and legs, which presumably give them their fast ground movement and high vertical leaping ability.

On a final note, they have long tails, and they appear in groups, most likely to increase effectiveness among the population.


In gameplay, the Baboons are highly dangerous. They have a high damage output and are very fast on their feet, while being able to disorient the player with well-timed leaps and jumps. 

They are weak, however, not even able to withstand a single shot from the Pistol, Bow, or even the War Club. This is countered by their damage output, which can kill the player easily, as it takes away five health with every bite.

An easy strategy to subdue these creatures would, ironically, be to stand in a corner and swing wildly with the War Club. The blade will easily tear through the monkeys, and it will expend no ammo, leaving the player only slightly harmed but also leaving them with a massive amount of slain enemies at their feet.


  • This mammal actually replaced another creature during Turok: Evolution's development, the Wolf. This can be seen in certain screenshots.

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